Thursday, July 23, 2009

children of the depression era part 2

nestled among movies illustrating suggestive adult behavior in the latest pre code set of films from the 1930's is a little gem called 'wild boys of the road.' director william wellman claimed it was one of his top five faves of his amazing career. i can see why. like all his movies that i have seen, it smacks of honor, integrity, injustice, and heroism. when these qualities apply to teens it is downright awe inspiring.
this 1933 movie stars a wonderful actor named frankie darro, an actor who began as a child and has a total of 178 screen credits! in this black and white beauty we follow two best buddies who decide to ride the rails instead of be a drain on their families. the depression was hitting hard and as the boys hop trains in search of greener pastures they team up with a darling girl (a great understatement as this actress was the one to win handsome wellman's love for life) on top of a boxcar. the film is heartbreaking and real.

photos: frankie darro/with silent film cowboy star tom tyler

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