Friday, July 24, 2009

the best of the barrymores

"The moralists," remarked an anonymous editorial writer in the Herald Tribune, "said it was 'sad' that in his latter years he became a 'caricature' of a once magnificent figure. But none of this was news to Barrymore, nor did he allow it to disturb him unduly. . . . Here was an actor. Was ever there a better in America? . . . No matter what he touched, he gave it a manner and a dash. He was born to be an actor, and when he conscientiously set himself to a task he could blend his genius with a thoroughly sound and intelligent craftsmanship. . . . He was a mortal whose head at times reached very close to the stars."

i have read several books on john barrymore simply because he really gets to me. i defy anyone to watch the film, 'attorney at law'
and not fall in love with this actor. he certainly had a beautiful face but it is all that one cannot touch that is so endearing. he was quick, funny, humble (yes), intense, and ultimately disarming. no one drags their tapered fingers through their hair in despair like this guy. from the stage through silents to the talkies he truly danced. he wound up unable to memorize lines and was surely a sorrow to those who loved him, but what a knockout performer he was.

barrymore loving garbo (multiple meanings apply)

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