Friday, July 17, 2009

ben whishaw

to be honest, i did not wish to see the big screen version of 'brideshead revisited' because the masterpiece theatre series just meant too much to me. even if 'sebastian' had brown hair in evelyn waugh's novel, actor anthony andrews owned the part. he was golden and broke my heart for the character for all time. still i can appreciate the fact that actor ben whishaw (who looks like he could act the heck out of any role) took on the tormented 'sebastian.' ben also portrayed one of the several bob dylan's in 'i'm not there', another one that got away from me. however, i am keeping my eye on him. someone really ought to snap him up to play nick drake soon, right?


nipper said...

absolutely! spiting image of nick. i can't believe i still have not seen 'i'm not here' especially with the gorgeous kate blanchet. love the interspersed mentions of cameos you have mentioned in other blog postings regarding i'm not here'

nipper said...

'way to blue' nick!