Wednesday, July 22, 2009

'beauty fades'

ah, the lesson we prefer not to learn. if anyone on this earth proves the wisdom of accepting the bitter truth it is singer actress marianne faithfull. at one time she was as ravishing as could be. wonderfully unshy about aging before the camera, she has continued a film career that began in the sixties.

'so long marianne, its time that we began
To laugh and cry and cry and laugh about it all again' -leonard cohen

from playing 'the girl on a motorcycle' in 1968 to a recent turn as 'maggie' in 'irina palm', this tour de force has sung and acted herself in and out of love, addiction, and poverty. many lessons can be learned from her.

photos: late sixties, 'the girl on a motorcycle'/marianne as 'maggie' in 'irina palm'

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nipper said...

' but its the hardest fade....... that dreams dissolve into tears' line from jms album 'the great puzzle with pal on vocals along side her soul-mate. p & j sandwich.