Thursday, July 30, 2009

b as in brothers

lionel and john are not the only barrymores going down in theatre/film history. those two enchanting and irascible stars had a sister sandwiched right between them. her name, ethel.
born in 1879, ethel barrymore followed in her ancestors footsteps onto the stage. all three siblings shared more than a life on broadway before transitioning to hollywood (all three starred in two films together): they all wished to do something other than be actors! these barrymores own the expression 'acting dynasty' although one wanted to illustrate, one wanted to paint, and one wished to play piano. alas, times are always tough and their mother owned a theatre in nyc.

fun facts: ethel played cary grant's mom and won an oscar for that. winston churchill wished to marry her. she is the great aunt of drew.

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