Saturday, June 6, 2009

two sweet surprises

cary grant is a doll. period. whatever i see and read proves it. so much of the time he is playing the intelligent and thoughtful lover that when i see him totally wig out i am always kind of shocked. plus, he wigs out so well.
in 1944's 'arsenic and old lace' he surpasses any previous conception, however glowing. this man was as supple as jim carrey and just as willing to do whatever it took to make you laugh. in this delightful film he plays a cynical reporter who is soon to be married but veers back and forth about going to the alter. his darling intended, played by open minded good gal priscilla lane, doesn't see anything standing in their way. what cary has not told her is that his relatives are certifiable. actor raymond massey playing a 'psycho tuna' is a thousand times against type and a joy.
here is a little dialogue between the reverend and cary's two mercy murderous aunts:

Reverend Harper: Have you ever tried to persuade him that he wasn't Teddy Roosevelt?
Abby: Oh, no!
Martha: Oh, he's so happy being Teddy Roosevelt.

a zany gem.


nipper said...

'certifiable' and 'psycho-tuna ' matches perfectly! great words to convey this constant theme in pictures. mr. grant is a doll!

nipper said...

i do get a lump in my throat reading the title of this film, loved mary martin in this delightful classic. she was adorable!