Saturday, June 13, 2009

remembering richard

one of a kind actor richard widmark is so remarkable that he is actually two of a kind. he is capable of making your insides sick when he plays a 'psycho tuna' yet when he portrays a good citizen he is thoroughly compelling. from throwing a wheelchair bound woman down a flight of stairs to bringing order to a city out of control, this guy is king. his laugh. words cannot do justice to the lunacy of this man's cackle. it is thrilling to watch his performances.

last snap with victor mature

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nipper said...

richard widmark added depth to the all-star cast of the film 'judgement at nuremberg'. i agree his 'cackle' personified lunacy very well.

an aside: agnes moorehead who starred in citizen kane, also starred with richard widmark in another all-star cast in the film 'how the west was won'. another 6 degrees of separation.