Friday, June 5, 2009


most of this brilliant play/film takes place downstairs. no matter, pulitzer prize winning playwright william inge can call it whatever he wishes. 1960's 'the dark at the top of the stairs' is fantastic. everything i want to see beneath the surface of his characters rings clear as a bell. this is a simple story of one family with very ordinary issues to deal with. the characters come to life through the performances of the excellent cast. dorothy mcguire is sublime as the mother. robert preston (the music man!) blusters through every scene with a rage to live. one of my favorite actresses, shirley knight, plays their teenage daughter facing first love and loss. added inducement: eve arden (everybody's dream friend) has a great role as well. a stunningly unglamorous movie experience.

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nipper said...

oh my! shirley knight as a 'moonage daydream' teenager. seat belts required for this flick? i am still reeling from 'the dutchman' thought of bowie's freak out moonage daydream song.