Tuesday, June 23, 2009


as i once posted, anthony quinn burst into my mom's hospital room in the maternity ward in santa monica, excitedly looking for his own newborn child. after seeing 1958's 'hot spell' i am choosing 'real life' father over 'film portrayal' due to the fact that as the father of three in this not so easy to find movie, he is seriously lacking. shirley booth (what's not to love?) plays his devoted wife who seems content to shut her eyes and mind to her husband's running around. swept up in her duty to her three growing up children, shirley wants nothing more than a peaceful dinner table experience with her family. that is not gonna happen.
aside from quinn's restlessness, all three kids have issues of their own that end in tears. shirley maclaine plays the darling daughter in love with the wrong guy. any shirley booth film is a rare treat and here you get two shirleys. added to the cast is eileen heckart (of the amazingly raspy voice) who played the mother of 'rhoda's' victim in 'the bad seed.'

photo: shirley and eileen hanging around on set.


nipper said...

hmm. hot spell is like a segue to the film 'far from heaven' a film you presented in your past posts.

how funny, was it you or your sister that had the pleasure of hearing the larger than life greek god of filmdom?

nipper said...

oops! guilt by association. mr. quinn is actually of american-mexican descendent. apologies. played such a great boisterous greek though.