Thursday, June 18, 2009

holy matrimony

actor rip torn and actress geraldine page were married from 1963 till her death in 1987. they have both only given class performances. rip made more films, several shamefully uncredited, but luckily for him one of the smaller roles was as the brother to shirley knight's 'heavenly', in 'sweet bird of youth.' the star of the film was geraldine and they were married the following year. perhaps they met on set!
for a fellow who appears to be a bit wild, here is what he said at the gathering to pay tribute to his departed wife: ''Mi corazon, mi alma, mi esposa'' (''My heart, my soul, my wife'').
i have only seen great and generous performances from them both. rip is still rocking.

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nipper said...

rip torn is such a great character actor.