Monday, June 15, 2009

the citizen

last night i watched 'citizen kane' again. it had been awhile. here are some of the details that i found mind expanding:

orson welles was wonderfully TALL.

agnes moorehead, a long time compadre of orson's, had a small role but was seriously good. it is hard to bring together the fact of her often portraying stern characters with her long time participation in the t.v. show 'bewitched.'

welles once told his friend, actor joseph cotten, that joseph was not a great actor but a great movie star. he is just super as kane's long time and eventually disillusioned friend.

the art direction is beyond description. all i can say is that when this film was made it was the year 1941, the same year that moviegoers were blessed with 'the maltese falcon' as well as 'the little foxes.' wow. the talent involved in creating some of the sets seems to be a lost art as far as actual hands manifesting such work. like the italian renaissance i suppose.

'citizen kane' has been called the greatest film ever by critics/film lovers. aside from that fact plus all that i found truly remarkable about this movie directed by a 25 year old orson, i am most amazed by how many people i have met in my life who have not seen it.

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nipper said...

can i get a witness? yes, nipper. read about it but never sat down and watched this great film.