Saturday, May 30, 2009

rip it up

rip torn began life in texas as elmore rual torn. beautiful name. his film debut was in 1956 in the terrifically tender 'baby doll' in which he played one scene as a very young dentist having a little chit chat with baby doll, much to the chagrin of her older husband played by karl malden. in very few moments he managed to unhinge karl and as folklore will have it, many more to come. this wild man of the movies never fails to entertain. he has film credits an arm long and it keeps getting longer. what makes me think he is a royal pain/treasure to work with?

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nipper said...

rip torn...a wonderful colorful actor! loved him in the movie 'cross creek' the 1983 film about 'marjorie rawlings' author of the book 'the yearling'. he plays a river rat in north florida who's daughter inspired the book 'the yearling'.