Wednesday, May 27, 2009

doomed to fail

the story of 'the conformist' is very upsetting but elucidating regarding what makes a man a monster. in this story, based on the brilliant novelist alberto moravia's book, a boy has a shameful experience which leaves him feeling different from everyone. as he matures, in an attempt to blend in with society he chooses to side with the political power at that time (italy/mussolini) with the confidence that his secret otherness will somehow fade away. his success as a fascist, married to a conventional young woman begins to crumble when he falls in love with the wife of his next victim.
the cast is superb. 'il conformista' was filmed in 1970 by the great bernardo bertolucci. starring jean-louis trintignant, dominique sanda, and stefania sandrelli, it is truly a nightmare. in the hands of bernardo and his comrade, cinematographer vittorio storaro, you will wonder how is it possible to capture a dream so expertly. the answer is these filmmakers are geniuses at what they do.

photos: jean-louis as marcello.

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