Thursday, April 30, 2009


phillip k. dick wrote many awesome books which i have really enjoyed. among the brilliant stories he managed to transfer from his truly electric mind onto paper is one of my favorite novels ever. 'do androids dream of electric sheep' was published in 1968. the poetic title drew me in and i loved every moment. never have i desired to see 'blade runner', the film version of the book. that is not the case with walter tevis, another writer of speculative fiction who is my very favorite author of all. both these writers had great success in the film world, having many of their works adapted for movies. something about the mind of phillip makes me feel that the printed word is the safest place to stop with him.

photo: from 'bladerunner'

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nipper said...

pal, i think you are such a sensitive caring soul that the written word and its mental stimulation sets your neurons on fire and leaves a permanent etch/groove in your natural fertile grey matter.

walter trevis and his book to movie 'the man who fell to earth' is so more primal and humble in comparison to mr.phillip dick's warp speed process to come to the same conclusion. mr. d's title is a clever way of highlighting the surreal concepts published via college 'cliff note' synopsis for the late night dreamer and procrastinator.