Thursday, April 30, 2009

i have no answer

i don't think the 1986 documentary 'what happened to kerouac' is in need of an answer. life happens. what is precious about this film is the footage of this true pioneer who crossed many a blank page without a guide and left us a new map to follow. from the beautiful beat of his heart to the alcohol fevered disdain, jack will always be a hero to people of every generation. while watching his appearance on the steve allen t.v. show, never have i so much wanted to jump into the television and wring someone's neck. the lack of respect coming from the host was truly unacceptable. if this sort of behavior toward his work is any indication of other slights, it is no wonder kerouac sought ways to 'turn off.' his sort of brilliance reminds me of phillip k. dick, another writer possessed of a brain that seems to sizzle. this is a valuable offering.

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nipper said...

i think of mr. kerouac when ever i hear 'magic bus' and 'i can't explain' by the who. credit to david bowie for writing and performing 'i can't explain' first.