Tuesday, April 28, 2009

actress mae clarke

i'll take my breakfast alone in future.

this is the woman going down in cinema history for being on the receiving end of cagney's poor table manners in 'the public enemy.'


nipper said...

what a redeeming image!!! in contrast to ms. clarke's infamous grapefruit juiced expression of humiliation.

love the circular deco-styled sitting sofa, and the silver screen shimmer and curvature represented on this photo shot. great lighting for such deep charming facial features and great toned arms.

Douglas said...

What a beautiful actress who did alot of good for thoses less fortunate. She recorded books for the blind. She had a great voice for this type of work. She was also a great artist, I have some of her work that I enjoy looking at everyday. She was my aunt and I loved her very much. She told such great stories of the time she lived with Barbara Stanwyck when she was first staring out in films. She told me the story of the time she had the grapefruit shoved in her face, saying that it was not in the script but because it was so compelling they kept it in. She has a mouth like me. We are both Leo's. He big love was James Cagney.

Douglas said...

I posted this, not Douglas, my name is Lesley May, I was named after my aunt but they changed the way my name of May was spelled, her name was spelled Mae and my name is May.