Tuesday, March 24, 2009

oscar's dorian

'the picture of dorian gray' is a sublime novel that has been filmed many a time. i have only seen two versions, the 1945 black and white, and the 1970 color. i suppose they are both honest interpretations but they are very different.
is anyone beautiful enough to play dorian, a man who would trade his soul to maintain his looks? i never really saw actor hurd hatfield in that light yet he was super in the earlier film. 
while in europe, i innocently went into a theatre to see the 1970 version. actor helmet berger is undeniably stunning but his director had done his best to turn the tame original film about a high class young man delving into a life of vice, into an erotic experience. i was not prepared.
neither beats the book as oscar wilde was a genius with words, but 1945's 'the picture of dorian gray' is excellently acted and a terror/joy.
photos: top/the painting of dorian gray
bottom/ one of dorian's victims

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