Thursday, March 26, 2009

mother's milk

this is the one that the guy ritchie's of the world were fed. it is pure undiluted british hipster underworld heaven.
mick plays mick. anita plays anita. james fox plays so far from type that you feel happy for everyone on the set that a 'real' actor was involved. i salute him for making the choice to play 'chaz', the quintessential bad lad. 
i actually saw this film with my mom. she explained that anita was what one would call 'sexy.' indeed.
ry cooder played perfect music to accompany donald cammell and nic roeg's descent into chic decadence. from the rock star to the little girl, everyone shines very bright in this 1970 milestone. 


nipper said...

which came first? bebe buell or anita pallenberg's race to spin their web around rock stars to capture the "jewel in the cobweb" title of a jules shear song that reminds me of these chicks and the creations they have weaved for themselves.

nipper said...

oops, so sorry its "jewel in a cobweb" great tune!!!!