Tuesday, March 24, 2009

heart of gold

shirley maclaine: a wonderful actress, capable of bringing tears to your eyes/writer of spiritual books/big sis of warren beatty.
the film 'some came running' is a tough little nut. frank sinatra plays a frustrated and likable vet returning to his home town with dreams of taking up where his writing left off. he meets a classy woman, a friendly gambler, and a sweetheart of a girl who wears her heart on her sleeve. the trouble is her heart alone is way bigger than it's object of desire, sinatra. dean martin does his best to put her down in frank's eyes but it all leads up to one of the most touching proposals ever. it doesn't last. like i say, shirley can bring tears to your eyes.

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nipper said...

love shirley maclaine's dead pan stick in your head movie lines..".i bought you a blouse" and so on...what a grounded smart actor. loved her in the apartment.