Saturday, February 28, 2009


there is nobody in the history of movies that is as universally adored as audrey hepburn. every fashion editor in the world knows that it is impossible to top her style. not only was she the real life version of the ballerina in a music box, but she spent her later years tirelessly traveling as a spokesperson for unicef. this was a woman who incurred no malicious comments from those who wished they were her size.
the studio wanted to cut her performance of the song, 'moon river' from everybody's favorite audrey film, 1961's 'BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S.' is that not a huge laugh? clearly, they were not aware of the impact this flower of a human was gonna make with her artless rendition. as 'holly golightly', she takes us by the hand as we go up the fire escape and down fifth avenue. george peppard (the bluest eyes in showbiz), patricia neal, and buddy ebsen excel in this wonderful film based on the book written by truman capote. 

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