Friday, February 27, 2009

you poor darling

early roman. polanski has come very far in the world's estimation of his talents as as filmmaker. although he made many films prior to 'REPULSION' in 1965, this may have been the first to receive international release. the terrifying study of 'carole' never seems to lose it's appeal.
a one time bartender from nyc's studio 54 (THE club of it's time) claims that the only habitue who took his breath away was actress catherine deneuve. for a long time she was considered the most beautiful woman on earth/celluloid.
catherine's 'carole' is a truly freaked out person who manages to work a job. as a beautician, she comes way too close to her clients cuticles for comfort. then again, that was polanski's gift, turning her terror into mine.

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