Saturday, February 28, 2009

very impressive personalities

no way is this movie going down in serious cinematic history. it is just super nevertheless. the 'V.I.P.s' has many bona fide stars including orson, maggie, robert, and louis, but you know, when richard burton and elizabeth taylor show up anywhere, all of a sudden the paparazzi forget anyone else ever existed. i understand. other than greta garbo, richard burton and elizabeth taylor are the only actors i just cannot grasp. they absolutely elude me. 
part of the mystery of these two is inherent in their very different backgrounds, he a serious theatre actor and she a child of the studios. perhaps i could find some grounding with them apart, but after co-starring in 11 films their togetherness is written in cement. in this movie her composure is maddening till he loses his. this was only the second film they did but they seem like they have loved each other for years. 

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