Saturday, February 28, 2009

too late. 'DON'T LOOK BACK'

bob dylan will not be the last person to dissociate from a project they signed up for. as an outsider i see things he does not see, which sounds pretty arrogant when speaking of the great man himself. interestingly, arrogance is just one of the aspects of his personality revealed in pennebaker's documentary of dylan's 1965 solo tour of merry old england. 
one could throw endless adjectives on dylan and they would all probably ring a little bit true. the bottom line is he has been an extremely constructive force on so many of us. it's fun to see his friends, especially alan price from 'the animals.' marianne faithful, joan baez, and donovan are among the musicians entitled the pleasure of watching several journalists doing their best to not crumble when dylan kindly rips them to shreds. 
i'm on his side.

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