Friday, February 27, 2009

public transportation

my mom was fond of frank sinatra, bobby darin, and robert walker. i could not relate to any of them, but in time i've come to appreciate all three.
robert walker, an actor known for playing charming characters, did an about face when he became 'bruno', the nutcase who is one half of the psychotic song and dance team born in a private car. in alfred hitchcock's 'STRANGERS ON A TRAIN', farley granger is good fellow 'guy', listening to and humoring along this chance (and still charming) acquaintance in order to just get it over with, including bruno's account of riding in a jet plane: 'it almost blew the sawdust out of my head.' right on. the man is just getting started.
this was made almost smack in the middle of over forty great movies by hitchcock and i love it.

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nipper said...

i can totally relate to the 'mom patron' admirations to certain movie star(s) and the films they adored. its the continuity of patterns that EACH offspring is taught and can identify with in a deeper realm..
ex: my mother loved jennifer jones, and i now know why..."song of bernadette'" the movie, contained the dogma of catholic imagery projected in film via an actress of beauty that was credible to the story of the sighting of the virgin mother, mary.