Saturday, February 28, 2009

the mercy of age

in the beginning, 'HAROLD AND MAUDE' was not a successful film. time stepped in and secured this film's place very high on 'all time greatest' lists. in my mind's eye i see 'harold', about to drive his self fashioned mini hearse over the cliff, and i know he couldn't care less as he only cares for one thing and that is 'maude.'
ruth gordon is a tiny and tough nut of an actress who you want to put in your pocket so as to always have her there. i love her as 'maude' and i love bud cort as 'harold', who is living out every fantasy you ever had as a troubled teenager. vivian pickles is awesome as his sublimely clueless mom. her voice alone would have you reaching for a weapon, whichever way it pointed.
the soundtrack is as good as this heart winning film directed by hal ashby. 

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