Friday, February 27, 2009

the man who knew too much

peter bogdanovich has participated in so many film commentaries. he is always interesting and he knows..... everything. i wish, 'the last picture show' were his first movie as that would be a really touching detail of this touching film. it was his third and received multi nominations.
not all that long ago i saw it and liked it so much that i wrote a song inspired by one of the characters. 
for a man who adores alfred hitchcock and orson welles, peter bogdanovich created a sweet and unpretentious little jewel starring timothy bottoms and introducing cybill shepherd.

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nipper said...

its hard for me to take cybill seriously as a deep artist....her memoirs of sleeping with elvis and her recent quasi dormant lesbian dean in the L word are attention seeking ways of saying "look at me" I am so controversial.
I feel the same way towards Lauren Bacall and her creditianals via riding on the coat-tails of bogart.....sorry if i offend their fans....