Saturday, February 28, 2009

the little foxes that spoil the vines

what do you need to create a monster? my guess is you start with a human being with zero scruples. when there are more than one per family, lock the door on the lot of them and watch from the safety of your own home or, in the case of the film's opening, radio city.
'THE LITTLE FOXES' is a lillian hellman play that will be performed forever. everyone has a great role to play. the brothers, the daughter, and the servants are all well developed characters swimming in the fishbowl of egocentric 'regina.' bette davis was getting great roles left and right cause she could deliver to both studio and her audience. it is a virtue to be good but it must be really fun to play a beast onscreen.
there is really no way to sum up the character she plays. all i know is i felt very bad for her husband, played by herbert marshall, one of my fave actors. watching dan duryea as 'leo' makes you pray that spineless young men are a thing of the past.

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