Saturday, February 28, 2009

we'll quit tomorrow

writer luke davies begins his book, 'candy' with: 'when i first met candy those were like the days of juice, when everything was bountiful. only much later did it all start to seem like sugar and blood, blood and sugar, the endless dark heat.' 
many writers have described heroin addiction. the good news is maybe they got well enough to write it all down. the film CANDY is based on luke's story of how all the goodness got sucked right out.
heath ledger plays 'luke.' no matter how unthinkable luke's choices, heath keeps us hanging in there, cause he is just incapable of losing our compassion. ours and candy's. heath ledger was great in this, and abbie cornish as the art student, who seems just fine till drugs prove to be the key to unlock her pain, is the real deal. she is beautiful, strong and willing to teach us through her character.
heroin stories leave us with a heavy heart. actors heath, abbie, and geoffrey rush joined hands with luke and director neil armfield to offer, once more, some sense to what seems senseless.
with all due respect to heath ledger, this film belongs to abbie. after you see the film you will know that was just how it was supposed to turn out. 

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nipper said...

revisiting older blogs are enlightening! pal, thanks. somewhere in the back of my cranium i logged this film in a file. and it peaked at a future blog regarding abbie cornish from a lookbackinanger fan. posting. she did leave an impression.