Tuesday, June 30, 2009

the accent.....

actor colin farrell has earned much admiration. i have not seen one of his super popular films but i did see an early movie he did called 'intermission.' cillian had a role and the director neil jordan was somehow involved as well. clearly i am crazy for the accent. one thing i can say about colin is that he was really good at being gorgeous/menacing. here he is being only the first half of that equation.

pleasure principle

as dylan sang, 'things have changed.' big time. you know, if asked to name the most joyful movie ever i would say 'pillow talk.' doris day and rock were as good as it gets.

i repeat...

actor cillian murphy and model kim noorda. siblings in a parallel universe.

sail away

liz and richard give new meaning to the expression 'dream boat.'

where the birds are

way up high above this beautiful and troubled planet is michael jackson. at the age of twenty he joined his beloved diana ross in a remake of 'wizard of oz.' here he is as the delightful 'scarecrow', long before my fave actor cillian murphy put a very different slant on the word.

Monday, June 29, 2009

the mind expanding orson welles

i watched the companion dvd to 'citizen kane' and was absolutely awestruck. though i need time to process all i learned, here is a little something i have to share right away. LOOK AT THIS FACE.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

great snap

actresses liza minelli, susan sarandon and susan george.


Shakti, from Sanskrit shak - "to be able."

what a girl

those eyes! i love every single frame of elizabeth taylor in films. even in interviews i am amazed by her. shakti envelops her like an aura.

liz and her dear ones

Friday, June 26, 2009


beauty is subjective, however there is an amazing likeness to these three actresses. they each hail from a different country yet they seem to be from the same tribe. i find them all to possess a spark of the sublime.

from top: ingrid bergman from sweden/nasstassja kinski from germany/patricia gozzi from france

Thursday, June 25, 2009


all the way to the fridge. ouch. i had to say it. but you know, i get the sense marlon brando was an exceptionally kind and caring man. here he is with his dad, marlon brando sr.

brando's wife found....

teeth marks in the cheese. poor marlon. well, he is way beyond what anyone will say about him. 'cosmo' on the other hand could care less.


actor cillian murphy. model kim noorda. siblings in a parallel universe.

crazy cute

world heavyweight champ primo carnera. standing 6'5" with the diminutive 5'1" jean harlow.

most quoted

'why you poisonous little rattlesnake, you.' that is the single most quoted film line around here. it is from 'dinner at eight' and is spoken by the wonderful wallace beery to his cheatin' little wife jean harlow. i say it to kareem on a regular basis.

photos: jean harlow and kareem abdul shazar

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

richard burton and ava gardner

what beauties. during the filming of 'night of the iguana' i wonder who drank the other under a table.

let's dance!

i am speechless. rudolph nureyev and elizabeth taylor take to the dance floor. some dress.

why fix it if it's not.....

why in this world would 'pygmalion' need to become 'my fair lady?' i fear that the coming remake will also shy away from the original title.

top photo: playwright george bernard shaw. his play 'pygmalion', a loose adaptation of the greek myth, was written in 1913. in this photo he appears to be thinking: 'let's see. shall i call it my fair lady? no no no, bad idea.'

man, myth, and the marvelous

leslie howard as 'henry higgins' will melt every inch of you. he's conceited, controlling, and right up to the end, never contrite. how can any actor be irresistible in the face of such shortcomings? the only answer is leslie howard's innate humanity.

do it again!

even though no one is forcing me to, i watch 'pygmalion' often. i am crazy about every aspect of this 1938 classic starring leslie howard as professor higgins and wendy hiller as eliza doolittle. they out 'darling' one another non stop. leslie co-directed and must have just been doing somersaults of joy over wendy's performance. she was purely and simply, a jewel. i took a few snaps to show her evolution at the hands of her svengali. this story is soon to hit the big screen once again with keira knightley as the cockney tongued flower seller transformed into a 'lady' by higgins. no doubt the role is a joy to slip into. blessedly, dame hiller rests peacefully over all the efforts of todays mere mortals.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

the answer is yes.

whatever the question.

me and my monkey

beautiful buster keaton and friend

by way of illustration

anthony quinn

this snap of him is definitely hot.


as i once posted, anthony quinn burst into my mom's hospital room in the maternity ward in santa monica, excitedly looking for his own newborn child. after seeing 1958's 'hot spell' i am choosing 'real life' father over 'film portrayal' due to the fact that as the father of three in this not so easy to find movie, he is seriously lacking. shirley booth (what's not to love?) plays his devoted wife who seems content to shut her eyes and mind to her husband's running around. swept up in her duty to her three growing up children, shirley wants nothing more than a peaceful dinner table experience with her family. that is not gonna happen.
aside from quinn's restlessness, all three kids have issues of their own that end in tears. shirley maclaine plays the darling daughter in love with the wrong guy. any shirley booth film is a rare treat and here you get two shirleys. added to the cast is eileen heckart (of the amazingly raspy voice) who played the mother of 'rhoda's' victim in 'the bad seed.'

photo: shirley and eileen hanging around on set.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

sandy dennis

incomparable actress. photographed by michael tighe

thank you reg

this wonderful photographer is not the same michael tighe that played with jeff buckley. my friend/guitarist reg just told me about this photographer today. look at all these glorious images i discovered on his site.....

from the top: gary oldman/river phoenix/patty duke (the dukester!)/james coburn (how i love this actor)

Friday, June 19, 2009

me and maria

i have never wanted to resemble anyone as much as i did maria schneider. on four separate occasions (paris and l.a.) our paths crossed. she loved patti smith, made 'last tango' with brando, and defied the hollywood system. on top of it all, she was beeeeautiful.

a girl named....

international sex symbols

BB and MM!
wonderful photos of both brigitte bardot and marilyn monroe

seriously iconic

ransacking the 'magnum' archives....
from top: tippi hedren/marilyn monroe/elizabeth taylor